Further Cheltenham watering possible

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Cheltenham and the Met Office have predicted rainfall for this weekend, meaning that after 2 consecutive days of watering on the past Thursday and Friday, conditions should be ideal for the Festival which begins Tuesday.

However, dependant on how much rain actually falls on Saturday night watering may continue days before the Festival is due to start. Two days of irrigation were completed on Friday with 4mm of water having been applied to the Old course, on which the first two days of the festival will be staged. This has left conditions to be officially described as good to soft, good in places.

Clerk of the course Simon Claisse said:

"We are still looking at patchy rain on Saturday that might amount to 4mm. Beyond that, we are predominantly set to be dry.“

"As to any further watering of the Old course, I can't make that judgement now, but if no rain materialised, we would have to consider belting around again.“

"We will need to take a view on Saturday regarding our plan for the New course. Unless the forecast changes significantly, it will need a fair drink of water, probably a little more than the Old course has had, as it needs to last longer."

Elsewhere, the Cross Country Course which is in use on Tuesday, as well as the New Course which hosts the second half of the Cheltenham Festival, are both good, good to soft in places.

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