Betting is all about opinion and the pleasure of trying to predict a result and backing your opinion with real money .

The most popular forms of betting are sports betting and in particular betting on horseracing . Betting generally takes place with bookmakers and can be carried out in cash generally through retail outlets or by use of a debit or credit card with online or telephone bookmakers .
Online bookmakers are often termed sportsbooks although most offer bets on a wide range of events as well as sports .

Bookmakers generally advertise or promote odds for various outcomes and the odds are a ratio of the full payout on the
bet to the amount staked . Odds can be presented in a fractional or decimal format eg decimal odds of 2.0 are the equivalent of an even bet .

In some countries betting on certain sports is banned . In most of Europe betting on sports and other events is legal but regulated and licensed by the Government . For the vast majority of people having a bet on a sport or event is a hobby and in increases their enjoyment and interest in that particular event .

Betting should only be carried out by adults and everyone should bet within their means .

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